Spring/Summer 2005




Some shots of the family this spring and summer.

Seal show at the Como Zoo.jpg (178291 bytes)
Me and the kids at the Como Zoo seal show
Wife and kids at Como Zoo.jpg (131136 bytes)
Kathleen and the kids at the Como Zoo
Kids on Ride at Como Zoo.jpg (131796 bytes)
Kids on a ride at the Zoo
Geocaching in June.jpg (190784 bytes)
Kathleen geocaching near the Mississippi in June
Ginger.jpg (155373 bytes)
Our wonderful dog Ginger
Nicole and Pony.jpg (150432 bytes)
Nicole with a pony -- she's in heaven!
Family at Kitchi-ti-kipi in the Upper Peninsula.jpg (155172 bytes)
The family at Kitch-iti-kipi in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Family at Mackinac Island.jpg (125365 bytes)
The family at Mackinac Island
Kids in Alexandria.jpg (90720 bytes)
Kids in Alexandria in March
Erik in Fergus Falls.jpg (134189 bytes)
Erik in Fergus Falls
Evan in Fergus Falls.jpg (153755 bytes)
Evan in Fergus Falls
FiveKidsAtTheCabin.jpg (102772 bytes)
Michealson & Swirtz kids at the cabin