Greg in front of sequoia.JPG (205354 bytes)
Me in front of a sequoia
Vernal Falls.JPG (165379 bytes)
Vernal Falls
Siesta Lake.JPG (252650 bytes)
Siesta Lake
Humbled by a sequoia.JPG (172947 bytes)
Humbled by a sequoia
Kathleen after a long uphill hike.JPG (162989 bytes)
Kathleen after a long uphill hike
Church in the valley.JPG (119981 bytes)
Church in the valley
Creek in the woods.JPG (173597 bytes)
Creek in the forest
Tuolumne Meadows.JPG (151795 bytes)
Tuolumne Meadows
El Capitan.JPG (110372 bytes)
El Capitan
Yosemite Falls.JPG (122235 bytes)
Yosemite Falls
Merced River from above.JPG (205417 bytes)
Merced River from above
Merced River near Vernal Falls.JPG (265457 bytes)
Merced River near Vernal Falls