Texas 2006




Here are some pictures of our trip to Texas in March, 2006.  We visited San Antonio, Weslaco, South Padre Island, Port Aransas, Corpus Christi and New Braunfels.  We had a wonderful time... even with the sunburn, stomach flu, and bad back.  ;)

AlamoStreet.jpg (225678 bytes)
Some scenes from Alamo Street in San Antonio.
SanAntonioGardens.jpg (275580 bytes)
Just one of the many gardens in San Antonio.
WifeKidsAlamo.jpg (174703 bytes)
Kathleen and the kids in front of the Alamo.
KidsStoneStatue.jpg (152990 bytes)
The kids near a mysterious statue in Hemisfair Park.
KidsKomodoDragon.jpg (167862 bytes)
The kids on a Komodo Dragon statue in the San Antonio Zoo.
ButterflyOnEvan.jpg (84286 bytes)
Evan coaxed a butterfly onto his hand in the Butterfly exhibit at the zoo.
RiverwalkShopping.jpg (138123 bytes)
A shopping complex on San Antonio's Riverwalk.
WifeBoysTeaGarden.jpg (200898 bytes)
Kathleen and the boys at the Japanese Tea Garden.
RioGrande.jpg (145068 bytes)
The Rio Grande.  It doesn't look very hard to cross, does it!
NicolePlant.jpg (88957 bytes)
Nicole by a bush that definitely doesn't grow in Minnesota.
WifeKidsSouthPadre.jpg (144613 bytes)
Kathleen and the kids just before they hit the beach.
SouthPadreRoad.jpg (83823 bytes)
The long and sandy Park Road on South Padre Island.
StuckSouthPadre.jpg (106730 bytes)
That sand wasn't as packed down as I thought.  Oops!
KidsRockPortAransas.jpg (141024 bytes)
The kids on a rock in Port Aransas.
KidsSwimming.jpg (96051 bytes)
The kids swimming in a south Texas pool.
KathleenPool.jpg (117495 bytes)
Kathleen by the pool.
WifeKidsNationalSeashore.jpg (143895 bytes)
The family on the Nature Trail in the Padre Island National Seashore.
LoneTree.jpg (130410 bytes)
There weren't many trees in the National Seashore.
AquariumPlayArea.jpg (191632 bytes)
Outside the aquarium in Corpus Christi.
USSLexington.jpg (82349 bytes)
The USS Lexington as seen from the aquarium.
FoundersOak.jpg (207422 bytes)
The Founder's Oak in New Braunfels.
PantherCanyon.jpg (262613 bytes)
The scenic Panther Canyon Trail in New Braunfels.
DadKidsPantherCanyon.jpg (204161 bytes)
The kids and I in Panther Canyon.
BoysComal.jpg (75027 bytes)
The boys at the Comal Inn.