Spring 2004




Some pictures of the family taken during the spring of 2004.

BoysBirthdayParty.jpg (125202 bytes)
The boys' birthday party with the Swirtz's
NicoleAndBrynn.jpg (81780 bytes)
Nicole and Brynn giving each other a hug
MommyAndEvan.jpg (89000 bytes)
Mommy and Evan
ErikPainting.jpg (93098 bytes)
Erik doing some artwork
NicoleAndBrianna.jpg (99757 bytes)
Nicole and Brianna opening birthday gifts
SusieStaticExperiment.jpg (105968 bytes)
Erik doing a static electricity experiment with Susie's hair
GeekfestPartI.jpg (88004 bytes)
Computer games until 5:00AM
AOMFreaks.jpg (147088 bytes)
Make that computer games all night for Luther!
EvanMerry-Go-Round.jpg (96655 bytes)
Evan on the Merry-Go-Round at Mall of America
ErikMerry-Go-Round.jpg (90364 bytes)
Erik on the Merry-Go-Round at Mall of America
GingerAfterNicoleMakeover.jpg (121165 bytes)
Ginger after Nicole's Makeover
NicoleSleeping.jpg (140383 bytes)
Nicole... if only she were this peaceful all of the time!