South Dakota 2004




Pictures of our trip to the Badlands and Black Hills in June, 2004.  I highly recommend visiting western South Dakota when you get the chance.

Badlands.jpg (138015 bytes)
The Badlands
KidsInBadlands.jpg (94773 bytes)
Kids in the Badlands
GregInWall.jpg (109709 bytes)
Greg in Wall, SD
KingOfTheHill.jpg (99841 bytes)
King of the Hill!
BoysInCuster.jpg (108935 bytes)
Erik and Evan in Custer, SD
MountRushmore.jpg (130302 bytes)
Mount Rushmore
FamilyAtMountRushmore.jpg (161966 bytes)
Family at Mount Rushmore
FamilyInReptileGardens.jpg (164214 bytes)
Family at the Reptile Gardens
FamilyOnBridge.jpg (143155 bytes)
Family on a bridge in the Black Hills
NicoleInLake.jpg (141184 bytes)
Nicole in a lake
NeedleMountains.jpg (133248 bytes)
Needle Mountains
BlackHills.jpg (144171 bytes)
A lake in the Black Hills