Florida 2005




Pictures of our trip to Florida and our cruise to Nassau, Bahamas.  It was simply fabulous

OrlandoHotel.jpg (157677 bytes)
Hotel in Orlando
BoysEatingIceCream.jpg (100919 bytes)
Boys eating ice cream in Cocoa Beach
NicoleAtCocoaBeach.jpg (93454 bytes)
Nicole in Cocoa Beach
KathleenInOrlando.jpg (77712 bytes)
Kathleen in Orlando
BoysSandCastle.jpg (79041 bytes)
Erik and Evan making a sand castle in Nassau
DadOnShip.jpg (108915 bytes)
Greg on the ship
EvanLounging.jpg (117340 bytes)
Evan lounging on the ship
FamilyOnShip.jpg (127301 bytes)
Kathleen and kids
FamilyOnShip2.jpg (134395 bytes)
Family on the ship
KidsOnTheBeach.jpg (123686 bytes)
Kids on a Florida beach
NicoleAndErikInHotTub.jpg (135370 bytes)
Erik and Nicole in the ship's hot tub
NicoleInNassau.jpg (64784 bytes)
Nicole swimming in Nassau
pirate1.jpg (100854 bytes)
A scurvy pirate ambushes the kids...
pirate2.jpg (161635 bytes)
...but Erik and Evan take charge!
RadissonPool.jpg (142648 bytes)
Pool at the Radisson Resort
RadissonGarden.jpg (178536 bytes)
One of the many gardens at the Radisson
PirateFamily.jpg (101917 bytes)
A family of pirates
FamilyByManateeGarden.jpg (207341 bytes)
Kathleen and the kids by a pool at the Radisson
lizard.jpg (100211 bytes)
Some of the Florida wildlife
KidsInShipRoom.jpg (100231 bytes)
Kids in our room on the ship